And to think it all started with a little "Ballyhoo."

Bally Technologies, Inc. is a diversified, worldwide gaming company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and operates gaming devices and computerized monitoring, accounting and player-tracking systems for gaming devices. In addition to selling gaming devices, the Company also offers customers a wide range of purchase and lease options. It derives revenue from Gaming Equipment (sale of gaming devices and related equipment, parts and conversion kits) and Gaming Operations (operation of linked progressive systems, video lottery and centrally determined systems and the rental of gaming devices and content).

The oldest slot manufacturing company in the world, Bally was founded in 1932 by Raymond T. (Ray) Moloney. It was created as the manufacturing arm of parent company Lions Manufacturing Corporation to develop a small, but highly profitable pinball game called the "Ballyhoo." Bally Manufacturing, as it was known then, created and distributed coin-operated amusement devices before entering into slot machine production.

The Company’s primary technologies include gaming devices for land-based, riverboat and Native American casinos, video lottery and central determination markets, and specialized system-based hardware and software products. Its specialized system-based hardware and software products provide casinos with a wide range of marketing, data management, accounting, security, and other software applications and tools to more effectively manage their operations.

Bally Technologies is credited with many technological milestones such as the "bottomless hopper," the first fully electronic reel-spinning slot machine, and the world’s first electronic slot management system – SDS®. In 1975, Bally became the first gaming company to be publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange. More recently, the Company received accolades for its iVIEW Display Manager™, a customer-relationship marketing tool capable of multiple cross-promotions, its GameMaker® HD™ which offers multiple game titles, and its new Cash Spin gaming device with U-Spin™ gesture-control technology. Cash Spin received the first-place award for "Best Slot Product" during the prestigious 2010 Gaming & Technology Awards competition conducted by Casino Journal magazine.

Today, Bally Manufacturing creates and produces a variety of technologically advanced gaming products and systems that can be found in more than 600 gaming locations worldwide. Over the years, the Company has positioned itself by acquiring key technology assets that has grown Bally Technologies into the No. 1 company in the world. It has employees in Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, Mexico, South Africa, South America and the United States.

In 1996 after being spun off by its parent company, Bally Gaming International, Inc. (BGII) merged with Alliance Gaming Corporation, which was originally incorporated in Nevada on September 30, 1968 under the name Advanced Patent Technologies. On March 6, 2006, Alliance Gaming officially changed its name to Bally Technologies, Inc. Bally Technologies is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BYI.