From technological milestones such as the first slot machine featuring a “bottomless hopper” and the first fully electronic reel-spinning slot to the world’s first electronic slot management system – SDS® – Bally Technologies continues this path of innovation with a number of groundbreaking new reel-spinning, video-slot and systems products.

Take Cash Spin™, for example. This remarkable new video-slot platform breaks the mold of traditional video gaming, creating an entirely new gaming experience for slot players. What makes Cash Spin unique is its revolutionary "U-Spin™" technology that allows players to actually spin a "virtual" wheel backwards, forwards, fast or slow, just as if it were an actual physical wheel. Additionally, Cash Spin also employs Bally`s innovative iREELS, which overlays exciting animations on top of mechanical spinning reels.

Then there is Hot Shot Progressive™, an entirely new concept in video slots that features five of Bally’s most popular reel-spinning titles embedded in the reels of this dramatic new game. What makes Hot Shot Progressive such a unique breakthrough is in the way the game presents secondary bonus options to the player. Each reel on Hot Shot Progressive from left to right features a miniature version of a classic Bally slot: Blazing 7s®, Diamond Line 777s®, Triple 777s Double Jackpot®, Triple 777s Triple Jackpot® and Triple Blazing 7s Seven Times Pay®. When a player enters the bonus round, they actually “play” these mini-versions of the full-sized originals for a theoretical chance to win up to five progressive jackpots on the same game.

“Playing this game makes one realize what an achievement it was to develop it,” noted respected gaming columnist Frank Legato in the March, 2006 issue of Strictly Slots magazine. “The game would not have been possible a couple of years ago. For one thing, Bally’s new ALPHA video platform with its intricate, brightly colored graphic capabilities was essential. Each of the miniature representations of classic slot machines … provides a striking presentation to the player.”

Another recent technological marvel from Bally is the new iVIEW™ display, a dynamic customer-relationship marketing device capable of cross-promoting everything from gaming promotions to dining outlets and entertainment venues. The full-color interactive LCD touch-screen display is mounted in the slot machine to allow players to review their player’s club points, request a casino host, view entertainment and dining options, or anything else that a casino operator might want to provide. When customers insert their slot-club card, they receive an exciting personalized greeting in full color on the iVIEW display. The system can even present customized greetings and other unique messages designed for specific players.

In addition, iVIEW also allows casino slot personnel to instantly access vital slot machine data, such as machine diagnostics, ticket transaction logs and repair/maintenance information in a much easier-to-understand format. Demonstrating the breakthrough in customer relationship marketing that iVIEW affords casino operators, the upscale Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, N.J., recently ordered 4,000 iVIEW™ displays, along with the company’s Power Winners™ progressive bonusing product.

The Bally Technologies of today has truly come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small startup company born in the midst of America’s most challenging economic era: The Great Depression. But company founder Ray Moloney had a vision of a game that would make his fortune and, ultimately, lay the foundation for the modern gaming industry.